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AMSAT www.amsat.org
ASA, Inc. www.WaterProofLogBooks.com
Amidon www.amidoncorp.com
C.A.T.S. www.rotor-parts.com
Cable X-PERTS, Inc. www.cablexperts.com
Command Productions www.licensetraining.com
Computer Automation Technology, Inc. www.catauto.com
Cutting Edge Enterprises www.powerportstore.com
Directive Systems www.directivesystems.com
Down East Microwave, Inc. www.downeastmicrowave.com
Elecraft www.elecraft.com
FlexRadio Systems www.flex-radio.com
Force 12, Inc. www.force12inc.com
Ham Radio Outlet www.hamradio.com
HamTestOnline www.hamtestonline.com
ICOM America, Inc. www.icomamerica.com
Kanga US www.kangaus.com
Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation www.kenwoodusa.com
M2 Antenna Systems, Inc. www.m2inc.com
Maggiore Electronic Lab / Hi Pro www.hiprorepeaters.com
Nifty! Ham Accessories www.niftyaccessories.com
R.F. Connection www.therfc.com
RF Parts Company www.rfparts.com
Spectrum International, Inc.  
Unified Microsystems www.qth.com/w9xt
Universal Radio, Inc. www.universal-radio.com
W5YI Group www.w5yi.org
West Mountain Radio www.westmountainradio.com
Yaesu USA www.vxstdusa.com
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