Fall 2007 Issue

Ham Elmers Team Up
for Radio Help

Are you a new ham or a seasoned ham in need of a bit of mentoring?
In ham radio mentors are known as “Elmers.” Recently, a group of hams formed a free online Elmer service. WB6NOA tells the story.

By Gordon West, WB6NOA



Dale Piedfort, KB7UB, the
HF equipment and antennas mentor, at his all ICOM shack in Mena, Arkansas.
(Photo courtesy of KB7UB)

Many ham operators have a specific area of radio expertise. Putting these experts together to give free web advice had long been a dream for Dale Piedfort, KB7UB, and Dan Dankert, N6PEQ. That dream has come true, and together Dale and Dan have formed a group of ham radio experts who specifically address questions about many aspects of ham radio.
The new website can be found at <http://www.icomelmer.com>, and it is intended to provide the amateur radio community with free advice on ham-radio related topics.

“The website has put together a comprehensive collection of experts in numerous aspects of amateur radio. These areas include equipment selection, antennas, DXing, contesting, mobile operating, mobile marine, RF grounding, and RFI/TVI, and it is a site tailored for the newly licensed amateur, as well as for the seasoned operator,” explains Dale, KB7UB, formerly with Ham Radio Outlet, and now retired and living in Mena, Arkansas.

“Even though our free website is named <www.icomelmer.com>, we are not dedicated exclusively to users of ICOM equipment. We happen to know ICOM equipment very well. Even so, we can easily answer other brand-specific questions,” comments Dan, N6PEQ, displaying his ham station with an equal balance of every brand of ham radio equipment from DC to laser light. “Our dedicated group of amateurs is familiar with virtually every aspect of the hobby. We have specialists in VHF/UHF communications dealing with advice on which handheld to purchase and which antenna will work best in a mobile setup, etc. We strive to answer questions regarding the type of feedline that should be used to take full advantage of the equipment that is being utilized, or are you better off with a mobile or base station? We attempt to make sure that no matter what facet of amateur radio is of interest to you, you are not left out in the cold without answers to your important questions.”

“Our website provides hams with a forum to conveniently post questions. Our growing team of communications specialists will then analyze the inquiry and provide that particular ham with the best recommendation that we can offer,” adds Dan, explaining they can help solve the problem when you find yourself torn between acquiring one of two different radios, and you are seeking some additional feedback in order to make that final decision.

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