Winter 2007 Issue

LDG Electronics
Recently Introduced Specialty Items

The LDG RCA-14 breakout box.

LDG’s Multi-DC distribution box.

LDG Electronics, the St. Leonard, Maryland based ham radio equipment manufacturer, recently introduced two ham accessories, the RCA-14 breakout box and the Multi-DC power supply.

The RCA-14 is a breakout box for the accessory jacks on most popular transceivers. It comes with cables with the right DIN plugs, and all the outputs are simple RCA jacks. Simply plug the RCA-14 into your radio’s accessory jacks, and all your ports are right there at your fingertips; just plug and play, one function or all of them. Also, you can change things around as often as you like; it’s as simple as swapping out an RCA plug.

The Multi-DC is a simple DC distribution box with one 12-VDC input and six outputs. The provided cables have the right coaxial DC power plug to connect to all LDG products. The Multi-DC can source up to three amps; each of the six outputs can provide up to .5 amps to LDG accessories. The Multi-DC comes with an input cable and six output cables, each 3 feet long.

“These two products solve two distinct ham problems,” said Dwayne Kincaid, LDG’s Chief Engineer, “The RCA-14 solves your cable problems and the Multi-DC solves your power problems. We continue to innovate with an eye toward solving the problems and annoyances hams encounter every day.”

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