Winter 2007 Issue


2006 AMSAT BoD Meeting & Space Symposium & ARISS International Meeting

By Keith Pugh, W5IU

This is a working-concept drawing of what the
Project Eagle satellite may look like.
(Drawing courtesy AMSAT-NA)


A series of important meetings were held in the San Francisco Bay area in October 2006. The AMSAT Board of Directors Meeting was held on October 5–6, the AMSAT Space Symposium on October 6–8, and the ARISS International Meeting on October 9–10. As promised in my last column, I will provide a full report of these meetings; however, much has already been said in other publications about them, so I will limit it to my observations and impressions.

AMSAT BoD Meeting

President Rick Hambly, W2GPS, introduced the new slate of AMSAT Board of Directors members with the only changes being between the active and runner-up positions in a couple of cases. Next a new slate of officers was elected/appointed. Major changes were the election of Bob McGwier, N4HY, as VP of Engineering, the election of Drew Glassbranner, KO4MA, as VP of Operations, and the appointment of Barry Baines, WD4ASW, as Corporate Secretary and VP of Special Projects. The position of VP of Marketing, formerly held by Barry Baines, was left open for the time being. Reports were given by all of the officers and functional leads on their activities over the last year and plans for the future. Bob McGwier discussed major engineering efforts in support of AO-51, the original PacSats, Phase III E, and ARISS. Budget concerns/corrections were addressed along with the reports. Major items of discussion were fund raising, definition of the modes and functions of Project Eagle, and re-location of the AMSAT Lab. These topics are treated separately below.

Two presentations were made by groups seeking to host the meetings in 2007. Pittsburgh, PA, was selected. The meeting concluded after the usual “atta boys and atta girls.”

Fund Raising

Gunther Meisse, W8GSM, AMSAT Treasurer, opened the discussion and introduced a professional consultant who has been retained by AMSAT to help define the effort needed to raise the funds necessary for Project Eagle, Phase III E, Educational Outreach, and other on-going projects. General goals were established, but details of the consultant’s report were discussed in a closed session due to the proprietary nature of the report. Details of the effort will be made public when finalized. Look for a comprehensive plan that will encompass an effort for establishing funding for the long-term goals of AMSAT.

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