Fall 2009 Issue

Digital Radio

Digital Resources from TAPR

By Mark Thompson, WB9QZB

This photo was taken at the 2008 ARRL/TAPR Digital Communication Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

The premiere national digital communications group is called TAPR. TAPR was founded in 1982 as Tucson Amateur Packet Radio. TAPR has a long history of pioneering new digital technologies. It developed some of the earliest packet radio terminal node controllers (TNCs), the TNC-1 and TNC-2, upon which virtually all subsequent packet TNCs are based. TAPR’s developments led to the packet revolution in ham radio from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. Over the years TAPR and its members have continued to be at the forefront of technical innovation in digital communications techniques such as digital data sound-card modes and software defined radio (SDR) technology.

In the early 1980s the ARRL began hosting the annual Computer Networking Conference. In the early 1990s the name of the CNC was changed to the Digital Communication Conference (DCC). In the mid-1990s the ARRL DCC was merged with the TAPR annual meeting. The ARRL and TAPR developed a memo of understanding in which TAPR was given responsibility for organizing the annual DCC and the ARRL published the DCC Proceedings.

The ARRL/TAPR Digital Communication Conference has become well known as the event at which to debut new digital technologies, modes, and operating activities. The DCC is a 21/2 day event. There are two full days of technical forums on Friday and Saturday. On Friday night is the TAPR social event, and on Sunday morning “deep-dive” sessions explore topics such as SDR. On Saturday there are concurrent introductory forums for those new to the digital modes. Additionally, TAPR conducts its annual meeting at the DCC. You can learn more about the DCC at: <http://www.tapr.org/dcc>.

At the annual Dayton Hamvention® TAPR has a booth displaying its latest projects. TAPR also conducts a digital forum at the Hamvention® with several digital topics covered every year. For many years TAPR held a Digital Bash Evening Banquet at the Hamvention®. Since 2006 TAPR and AMSAT have held a joint banquet organized by AMSAT. The banquet is an event you don’t want to miss while at the Hamvention® and it typically sells out wel in advance. You can learn more about TAPR’s Dayton Hamvention® activities at: <http:// www.tapr.org/dayton>.

If you are unable to attend the TAPR Forum at the Dayton Hamvention® or the Digital Communication Conference, you can still learn about what’s covered at TAPR conferences and forums from the following resources:

• Technical papers submitted to TAPR prior to the DCC are included in the DCC’s published Proceedings distributed to DCC attendees.

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